London: Silence of the Gullible.


Last evening, in the City of London, England, the mayor, Squid Khan, received his smirking remark of how people in urban areas must learn to accept a little terror every now and then, as a normal event.

Two simultaneous terror attacks, commencing on London Bridge and going into a commons market. A third incident, Vauxhall Station, suspected of being a terror attack was cleared as non-terror. A stabbing. A gunless society. A civil society. Other means of killing are well and alive.

People are turning to carry what they can, but most are too stupid to start demanding their Right to be armed with a firearm and to be able to use it, lawfully, if defending themselves, or third party, or defending property. Fear Not, because Stupidity, has its rewards. Stupidity, is contagious. Similar remains alive in America, as jackass liberal Marxists continue to push gun control. A loudmouth president…

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