Automatics and Switchblades

Generally speaking, my own use runs along the lines of field dressing deer, or the utility of a TL29.
It is always interesting to know what edged weaponry is out there, and that interest began when I started taking knives off the streets when I was a cop. Interesting thing is, about 10% of all those knives taken off criminals, were sharp, and 90% so dull, it was pathetic.


A good solid look at a variety of automatic knives. This look is from the Next Archer on YouTube. A very knowledgable reviewer who attends knife shows and has educated himself on the current market.

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Spot shooting (Part II)


Yesterday, I was re-reading The Complete Book of Modern Handgunning published in 1961. It’s interesting to see how much has changed in the world of handgun shooting and how much has not.

The following gem is found in Chapter 11. How to Shoot

practical spot shooting from handgunning

It brought to mind an unintentional laboratory experiment that happened while I was teaching a snub revolver class. In 2012,  I taught a short block of instruction on snub nose revolvers at the Northeast Shooters Summit, just as I did in 2011. The same block of instruction was given both Saturday and Sunday to two different groups of shooters totaling about 40. Many of these shooters had almost no experience using any revolver, much less a snub. They fired approximately 40 rounds in two hours of training, followed by a 10 round qualification course at 5 and 10 yards. The way the training was structured was shooting…

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Memorial Day, 2017: We Remember

The respectful silence, speaks volumes. The respectful demeanor, builds character.

Stately McDaniel Manor


This Memorial Day, there is reason for hope, yet you don’t rest easily. How could you? The America for which you fought and died is in jeopardy. Half of the country is “The Resistance,” resisting the Constitution, the rule of law, everything you fought and died to preserve.  As William Butler Yeats said:

The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

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From My Cold Wet Hands: Humorless Scold Targets Squirt Guns

Give Me Liberty

H/T Bearing Arms.

These nattering nabob are worried about a water pistol causing children to turn violent.

There biggest reasons children are turning to violence is absentee parents and God has been taken out of our schools.

We had parents that taught us right from wrong and busted our asses when we did not follows the rules.

We started our school day with the pledge of allegiance a prayer and lots of times bible verses.

We grew up watching The Rifleman,Gunsmoke,The Rat Patrol and Combat yet we did not go around killing people.


Sponsored by NRA-ILA

We have yet to reach Memorial Day, but the fun police have already set their sights on at least one cherished summer childhood activity. In an article for, titled, “Why Kids Should Never Play With Water Guns. Period,” author Lauren Levy lectures the nation’s parents on the hidden menace of squirt…

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Don’t Bring Cherry-Picked Data to a Gun Fight: 2A Supporters Attack Biased Newsweek Article

Give Me Liberty

H/T Bearing Arms.

The lamestream media and the gun control will not let the facts get in the way of their lies about guns and gun owners.

Don’t bring cherry-picked data to a gun fight.

If there’s one thing all who propose strong gun restriction laws should realize, it’s that 2nd Amendment supporters know their stuff, and we’re not afraid to call you out on misinformation.

In a Newsweek opinion article masquerading as a news, a Boston University professor and a BU researcher argued for stricter gun control laws by using a new public database they created regarding state firearm laws. While the database itself is quite interesting, their arguments, presented with fancy diagrams and statistics about rising gun death rates, became low-hanging fodder for 2nd Amendment supporters within hours of its publication.

Readers quickly picked up on problems with the “study”, most specifically that the authors were not taking into…

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