Minister Mbalula is a Gun Owner

Another elected bastard, drunk with power.

It has been an interesting few weeks for our Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula. During a media briefing on 25 April he alluded to the problem of (hopefully illicitly-owned) firearms by stating “There is a lot of AK47 here in this country. I don’t know where does it come from. Whether it was left by us, I don’t know. But is lot of AK47. Everybody has got a AK47.” The Minister continued in this vein during the Police Budget Vote speech on 23 May, when he said the following “As we move forward, we want to disarm South Africa. We must silent guns by 2063 in doing so, we have developed a tailored programme for the recovery of stolen and state owned firearms…In this financial year, the Firearms License Appeal Board intends to forward proposals that will better manage the spread of firearms and reduce the proliferation of the…

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