UK Miffed, Over US Blabber Mouthing


Regarding the Manchester suicide bombing incident, news in the US had revealed sensitive information confidential to the investigation. The information had been passed along and shared in Good Faith. Someone, for whatever reason, leaked it to the media. A discussion here, at Ace Global News, concluded that it was in very poor taste to divulge any information while an investigation was actively being worked, and the aftermath could result in UK intelligence services, severing ties and halting all information and data going from the UK to the US intelligence services, that over the course of time has proven itself immature.

To better explain, if you were inside of someone’s home and there was a heated argument between husband and wife, you would not run up and down the street blabbing to everyone walking on the sidewalk or in front of their homes, what was going on with a play-by-play of…

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