Ken Hackathorn on the American Warrior Show

Gun Culture 2.0

Following up on my recent post about Gunsite and the early history of private citizen gun training classes, as well as previous posts based on Mike Seeklander’s American Warrior Show podcast (on Tom Givens, on Gabe Suarez, and on Seeklander himself), this post presents some insights from an interview with Ken Hackathorn (show #21 from 25 December 2015).

Hackathorn, now retired from full time gun training, is one of the most experienced living trainers in the industry (see also a print interview with him in the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network journal). He took his first course with Col. Jeff Cooper in the early 1970s, before Cooper’s founding of the American Pistol Institute. He described the experience of taking Cooper’s combat pistol course as like becoming a born-again Christian. He was later certified by Cooper and became one of the first assistant instructors at…

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