SCAM ALERT: H&K Hoax Letters Sent Nationwide – Tell Your Friends

Give Me Liberty

H/T Bearing Arms.

We need to spread the word about this scam.

We all know to avoid emails from Nigerian princes claiming that they have a fortune and just need your assistance transferring their money, promising a payout if you comply and provide your SSN, bank account, etc. We all know this is a scheme aimed towards the uninformed.

THIS is a scheme aimed at the informed.

Recipients are receiving physical snail-mail letters on legitimate-looking letterhead that claim to be from Heckler & Koch firearms. These letters state that H&K is voluntarily recalling all firearms from the sporting and commercial markets in the USA. According to the letters, H&K is also ceasing its supply of all firearms to sporting and commercial markets in the USA due to the election of President Donald Trump, stating that “the German headquarters no longer deem the USA a safe destination country for weapons” due…

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