Give Me Liberty

H/T Keep And Bear.

This has been around a while the message is very true.

Well this is chilling….however, it is what we have been saying for years. The Democratic party is corrupt and apparently has been throughout our history.

In a democracy, there are two separate parties that have different opinions, but they can can agree to disagree and find a common middle ground to stand on together. However, the liberals seem to have forgotten this tidbit of our foundation. In fact, their behavior seems to be drifting further and further away from this ideology, and at alarming speeds.

Nathaniel Grigsby, a Civil War veteran was wise beyond his years though, and actually had a message engraved into his tombstone for generations to come. The farmer, born on October 11, 1811,  was the 2nd Lieutenant of Company G, 10th Indiana Calvary. He also happened to be a friend…

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