S&W PC1911 and Les Baer Premier II Hit the Range

Les Baer, makes some exquisite 1911s. The grapevine says, that Les is a real good guy and a gentleman.

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There are not many quality items that come at a discount price, which especially rings true when looking at 1911s. Sure, you can pick up a shooter for around $500, but to get into a consistently high level of quality and fitting you have to spend some bucks. With a market full of mid and upper-tier models, the choices can be dizzying. While I will not pretend to know what is best for anyone else, I can share some insight from my last outing to the range where my S&W PC1911 and Les Baer Premier II both made the trip.

I’ve owned the PC1911 for a few years now, and it was my first foray into a higher dollar 1911. While true conissouers will scoff at my $1,300 handgun as “high dollar” compared to the true customs on the market, with that amount of money I expect to get quality…

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