Chicago Gangs Assaulting Police With AR-15 Rifles Despite Gun Ban

Give Me Liberty


Perhaps if Mayor Ballerina Emmanuel would explain to the gangsters that AR-15’s have been banned they would surrender them to him.

I mean after all Chicago has some of the most toughest gun laws in the nation.

Chicago has very easily become the laughing stock of the liberal anti-gun movement in recent months, but for Chicago police, it’s no laughing matter.

The city first enacted their controversial gun ban over 30 years ago, with many Americans furious over the Illinois capital’s decision to limit the Second Amendment within city limits.  The public outcry predicted a massive gun violence epidemic to come, with arguments paraphrasing the anecdote regarding “only outlaws having guns” in every possible combination of words.  The unbelievable affront against the right to bear arms even spawned mocking legislation as far away as Kennesaw, Georgia, where a law was implemented stating that every home owner must own…

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