Modular EDC Project: The Results

It’s all good, but here’s how I learned it:
Anything necessary such as medications, you include.
Everything else, aside from water, a knife, fire making items, you put on the side and instead, load up with MORE AMMO. Once you are acclimated, you can cut back on water, and load up with MORE AMMO.

The Armed Christian

This was, overall, a good exercise. Even after spending several hours digging through and organizing my stuff I honestly didn’t change much but what I did change is good. As a personal exercise, this really was a pretty good investment of my time. I found some items that were either expired or ruined, tons of duplication in what I was carrying and I reorganized all my first aid supplies.

Probably Shouldn’t Use Light Colored Carpet In A Shop Area…

Goal Number One: A Smaller “Critical Items” Bag

It is not perfect, it is not as light or small as I would like but it works and it has what I consider to be my “critical items” and a few that are not so critical but it works.

Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer

It is nowhere near what I would call “micro” but this little pouch/bag/organizer does fit in any of the…

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