2 responses to “KDVR | Eleven large animals euthanized at Elbert County wildlife sanctuary

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    COULD IT BE, that politicians will do anything for votes? Absolutely, Even do the wrong thing, when the right thing .. the common sense thing, … would work better for them.

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    • There was no urgency to put down those zoo animals. In fact, the animals could have been caged and simply moved to higher ground inside of the cages with supervision present during the absence from the zoo. Wild animals, yes, however they are captive and depend on the kindness of others to feed them, care for them, help them when ill.
      I hunt, but I respect the animals. A time for everything under the sun. I believe that abusers and those who are inconsiderate, get theirs somehow. Nobody feeding off of lion steak or tiger steak, so it was not a harvest, it was bad judgement.