Trump’s Wall: Another Big Blowhard


Tuesday, April 25, 2017, the United States:

The deal maker is having serious issues as business, is something very different from a crippled and corrupt government fostered by inefficiency and bribery of congressional members. The communist democrats, are holding back their support of Trump’s Wall, along with GOP traitors such as Paul Ryan.

In reality, Trump’s Wall, would not be necessary if he authorized Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground, to be unified as one law, and made the Law-of-the Land. Why? Because everyone would have the ability to protect themselves, their families, and their property. Nobody wants to harm you, and you do not want to harm others. As of this date twelve states are Constitutional Carry states. There is no mass murder taking place. The limited number of states having Stand Your Ground laws, simplifies the maze of fifty state laws, that differ, and bring the laws under…

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