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Image result for photos of poison ivy This is what it looks like here in Missouri, even looks ugly.

How many of you grew up allergic to Poison Ivy or Poison Oak and Sumac?   If you are like me you didn’t need to walk in it to get infected.  If the wind blew through the poisonous plant in my direction, I got it.   The saying “Leaves of three, let it be” didn’t work for me.   I played golf, frequently during the summer during my teen and twenties…that is where I usually came in contact with the miserable menace.  I didn’t need to leave the fairway to end up with an itch later in the night or next couple of days. I developed the habit of showering as soon as I got home, it helped, a little.  Wash the clothes immediately……..don’t burn them the smoke only spreads the rash.   Just kidding about burning my…

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