Knives aren’t necklaces

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A while back my wife and I got some training on using knives in a self-defense situation.  While the instruction was very useful and informative, something about that class has stuck with me and bothered me.  The instructor recommended a knife hanging around a lanyard on his neck as the best option for a bladed self-defense tool.  I’m going to disagree.

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    • Go for Broke, is what I used to call that type of carry.
      There is something that few think of. I always used to carry a knife on my off-side, so that in the event of mano-a-mano hands on, if the opponent grabbed or incapacitated my right arm, the left hand would be able to shiv the opponent in the kidneys or rib cage.
      I also happen to be ambidextrous, and started out as a lefty, until the nuns beat me without mercy. Then for some reason, I started using both hands equally to write, throw a ball, catch, shoot, and shave with a straight razor.
      A lot of people said that I was nuts, but a couple of my uncles said that it was a blessing. They were WW2 combat veterans. My oldest grandson, is also ambidextrous.

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      • Quite amazing most people are righty or lefty, not able to do much with the other hand.
        In the American sport of baseball a batter has a better chance of staying in a game if he can hit from both sides of the plate.

        But for self defense your absolutely right, a pointy object in the ribs, arm, hand, neck, eye whatever..get a chance to get away.

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