Senators Push for Federally Funding Gun Control Research

It’s how the elected ones steal that money. Think about it.

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With a Republican controlled Senate I do not see this bill making it out of committee or even seeing a vote. 

While the rest of the country has focused on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch, Senate Democrats have been plotting their latest scheme: a bigger push for gun control through government “research.” Earlier this week, Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA) introduced Senate Bill 834, which would grant funds to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to “conduct or support research on firearms safety and gun violence prevention.”

Should SB 834 pass, the CDC would be given a minimum of $10 million per year for at least six years. The funding, which would begin in 2018, would be earmarked specifically for gun research.

“Gun violence is ending lives and shattering families in Massachusetts and across our country,” said Markey. “Now more than ever we must study…

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2 responses to “Senators Push for Federally Funding Gun Control Research

    • Thank you, and you too, Happy Easter.

      The only thing that will end the bone headed legislation would be Constitutional Carry authorized as a Right, as in, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”