USMC War Vet Faces Prison for Legally Owned Gun Unregistered in New Jersey

Classic argument that indicates Constitutional Carry, could have helped with one charge. There are multiple charges involved. Bring a gun INTO a confrontation with POLICE, that the friend did, he too, gets charged. For having the friend get the gun, he too, is charged with Failure to Secure/Safeguard a Firearm. Gross Stupidity was involved. The Marine, is not in the clear, and, New Jersey, just like any other state, has its own laws, where Stand Your Ground, if unified with Constitutional Carry, would simplify things with one set of laws, could have helped about halfway, then there would be something to work with, especially if the Marine would have behaved as he was trained, to stomp his friend’s brains out the moment he retrieved the gun and attempted to bring it into a confrontation with police.
Per the Law, he is not in a very good position.

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