Mike Seeklander: “The Way is Training”

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Having borrowed so much from his American Warrior Show podcast recently (about Gabe Suarez, Steve Tarani, and Tom Givens), I thought it only appropriate that I search through the 60+ episodes to find one in which Mike Seeklander himself is the focus.

Success: Episode #40 from 30 September 2016 on “The Way is Training.”

Source: http://www.downrange.tv/blog/the-american-warrior-show-1-introducing-mike-seeklander/33985/

In this episode, the COO of the American Warrior Society, Rich Brown, interviews Seeklander.  I will focus on two of the questions to which I found Seeklander’s questions interesting, and one question of my own.

(1) What does it mean to be armed?

In a previous post, I raised the question, “What does ‘unarmed’ mean anyway?” So many people equate “unarmed” with “not in possession of a firearm” and therefore “not a threat.” That people without firearms can still threats to our well-being is true without question. But what about…

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