Where, Oh Where Did My Spotting Scope Go?

I know the feeling. I am out two Randall knives (Model-2, and Model-14). Mysteriously disappeared.

Midwestern Ramblings

Two years ago we made a cross-country move and had professional movers do all the heavy lifting (pun intended). While the job they did was outstanding, we believe we lost something along the way. Not in a metaphysical sense, but really… we lost something. My wife had a small statue in our old house, and I had a couple spotting scopes as well. Unfortunately, neither of these has surfaced and we’ve been through every box (twice). As these were in the same general area in our old house, and having been through the gyrations of cross-country moves a couple times before, we can only guess a box was lost in the moving process. While its contents is known to only God and the moving company, we are fairly certain at least one statue and a couple spotting scopes were part of the package. The last time I went to sight…

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