From Armed Self-Defense to PreFense While Armed

Gun Culture 2.0

I concluded my previous post about Gabe Suarez on Mike Seeklander’s podcast by mentioning seeing Steve Tarani at the NRA annual meeting in Louisville last year. Continuing my foray into the private citizen gun training industry via podcast this morning, I was surprised to find an interview with the very same Steve Tarani on Episode #7 of the Modern American Shooting & Firearms Civilian Carry Radio podcast on April 5th (also available on YouTube). Fortuitous timing!

Like Suarez, Tarani and the show co-hosts — Baraka James and Allen Sams — observed the increased danger of living in a world with lone wolf terrorists roaming about.  As I noted in concluding my last post, because you don’t know when and where the wolf will strike, you need to be proactive in your self-defense.

This idea fits well with Tarani’s idea of preventative defense or “PreFense.” Being proactive gives you “The…

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