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I gave serious consideration to purchasing an Ontario SP46, but every knife I have with Kraton or rubber grips, rots and deteriorates. If the SP46 was fitted with a different grip, such as Micarta or similar, from the factory or available aftermarket, the knife would be a more prudent purchase to add to the collection because, my knives are used and not admired. Everything from general work to field dressing harvested game. In fact, I was looking at my Becker BK5 Chore Knife, and read so much online of complaints about the slickness of the handle scales, and all the ideas of “experts”, then thought a while, with knife in hand, and came up with my own solution if I need it. It’s called, sandpaper 80 grit. Problem solved.

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The Ontario SP46 Gen II Knife, designed by Dan Maragni, is a full tang flat grind knife made of 5160 high carbon steel with a generously sized Kraton grip (there is also a Sabre grind version of the knife labeled the SP47.) Both knives are large bellied knives and are also called “Pig Skinners.”  The SP46 knife has a total length of 11.098″, of which 5.574″ is the blade with a thickness of .1875

The sheath it came with when I bought the knife at the time was a very cheap universal sheath designed to fit many of Ontario’s knife models, but I modified the sheath a little to make due by cutting it to length and stitching the end with bank line.  I also thickly coated the sheath with plasti-dip spray …

ontario sp46 knife in its sheath knife in sheath after mods

ontario sp46 sp47 knife sheath modification image factory sheath modification (cut off end to length and stitched with bank line)

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