Defining Problems and Offering Solutions in the Private Citizen Gun Training Industry

Most people, cannot handle any stress induced training. Long ago, I did not shoot a teen gunman, because there were people milling around and a missed shot would have been bad. I chased the kid and tackled him. It turned out that he was 15 years old. Other cops gave me hell for not shooting. Most of them never shot a person, while I was once a machine gunner. Apples and oranges. Over the years, I observed cops, who were trained, fail to shoot in a proper circumstance, because they could not bring themselves to shoot another human being.
Maybe, firearms training, should start with training and conditioning the brain. Autopsy photos. Videos of people bleeding and screaming out, once shot, and general havoc on the streets, then, go into Grand Juries, indemnification, testimony for criminal and civil litigations, missed shots/unintended casualties, living with the aftermath.

Gun Culture 2.0

I wrote yesterday about an interview with gun trainer Gabe Suarez of Suarez International on gun trainer Mike Seeklander’s American Warrior Show podcast. Near the end of the 1+ hour interview, Seeklander asks Suarez for concluding thoughts, which I found worth noting:

There’s alot of people out there today that are comfortable with violence. Comfortable with extreme violence. Not only that but then we’ve got this foreign ideology that wants to come in and kill us. So, I would urge the listener to understand the reality of this. It’s not theoretical. It may be theoretical if it’s never touched you. But those folks in San Bernardino, those folks in Orlando, I’m sure they woke up that morning thinking, “Ah, you know what, I live a safe life. I go to church. I eat my vegetables. Nothing’s ever going to happen to me.” Every time you leave the house, you need…

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