Review Of Rory Miller’s Book


Training-for-sudden-violenceWith the title of “Training For Sudden Violence, 72 Practical Drills” I really didn’t know what to expect.  This turned out to be a fantastic guide to reacting to sudden violence perpetrated against you.  Miller has a strong background in martial arts and corrections, so he is not just stating unsubstantiated opinions.  He’s been there and lived it.  Working in detention you sort of expect to be attacked by an inmate once in a while, and they would rather blindside you than try to face off. 

Miller starts with martial arts and LE training (like PPCT) and explains why these methods have a big hole in them in real life situations.  As I read the book, Miller’s observations and training drills made a lot of sense.  I could clearly see his points about where my black belt training lacked certain aspects.  He covers the basic predator psychology on…

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