CCW Weekend: Important Limitations On The Castle Doctrine

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H/T The Daily Caller.

A man’s home is his castle, and a great many states have either a de jure or de facto “Castle Doctrine” on the books allowing a person to defend themselves in their home if threatened, with deadly force if necessary. These laws, along with the “Stand Your Ground” laws, establish the right of a person to defend themselves if attacked.

Even California has such a law, even though that state is generally held to be loathe to let anyone have a permit to carry a gun in a concealed carry holster, or even openly for that matter. (Though some counties are far more permissive than others.)

It’s not even uniquely American; it’s not even that modern, even though a number of Castle Doctrine laws have been passed within the last few decades. The concept at law is a remnant of English common law (an Englishman’s home is…

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