Understanding the Baseline: The Hasty Search

This is the second video in the Understanding the Baseline series. You will need to watch the introduction video to have a better understanding of what the intent of this video is. If you haven’t yet watched it, you can do so here.

The Hasty Search is our first scan as we enter a new environment. It gives use our initial baseline so that anomalies are easier to recognize. This assessment will give us the overall mood of our environment and the individuals in it.

Let me start by providing some context to this video. The video begins in the vestibule of my apartment complex. I’m just starting my commute to work by walking to the metro station and catching the train.

Patrick Van Horne, CEO of the CP Journal, suggested I should clarify that the hasty search actually starts before I exit the vestibule. As I say in the video, I’m looking through the…

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