Picturing the Expanding Right to Bear Arms

Changes have taken place with laws, but the bottom line remains, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”, despite what some trainers salivate for training requirements. 2A remains the one and only bastardized amendment, and very arguably, I could find due cause, to bastardize every other amendment.
Twelve state are Constitutional Carry, and there is no escalation of idiocy beyond what already existed prior to Constitutional Carry. Under advisement to lawmakers, I would suggest concerted efforts to elevate IQ levels above the temperature that beer is served. Firearms are not the problem, limited intelligence, remains the problem.

Gun Culture 2.0

I wrote recently about the dawn of the era of permitless carry, as a nascent stage in the expansion of gun carry rights following the normalization of shall issue concealed carry.

Of course I am not unique in observing this expanding right to bear arms. Over many years, Rob Vance has graphically depicted this and John Richardson has shared Vance’s graphic on his blog, No Lawyers Only Guns and Money.

The passage of permitless carry in New Hampshire and North Dakota has prompted the release of the latest graphic showing blue (permitless carry) continuing to grow and red (no permits issued) continuing to shrink.

Credit: Rob Vance

Note that the graphic depicts the % of the US population that lives in states covered by different laws. It does not speak to how many or what proportion of the population carries concealed or has a permit.

It is interesting to…

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