What Did You Prep This Week?

Welcome To The Resistance!

Walk With God

I was still off track this week. When your brain isn’t tracking well enough to follow a kid’s cartoon it’s tough to try and understand the word of an all powerful God. We didn’t make it to church this week at all but we should be well enough to go this weekend and we should be contagious either. As my condition improved I was able to get back to a more regular prayer routine and Bible study so that is a step back in the right direction.

Self Defense/Hunting

I was able to make it to the store one day and picked up this paycheck’s supply of ammunition and reloading supplies. I bought a pack of small pistol primers, 15 rounds of buckshot, and 20 rounds of .308 practice ammunition. I plan to start buying ammunition regularly again. After the last election I pretty well stopped any…

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