The Tactical Hunter Project (Part 5: Results)

The Armed Christian

It took several trips over several seasons before I was able to see any results from this project. Last February I was able to take my fist hog with the “Tactical Hunter.” He wasn’t any lightweight either. During the first night hunt of the trip I spotted a big boar about 65 yards out from the stand I was sitting in. He wasn’t heading for the feeder just crossing the field going from one stand of trees to another. We had dropped some grape seasoned corn out away from the feeders to try and draw them in and it must have caught his attention because he slowed from his trot and started rooting around a bit. I don’t normally like to take hogs, especially boars, much over 100 pounds. The meat is generally better but this guy was really something and I decided to go for it.

One shot and he was down…

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