The Glock 43: A Svelte Companion

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The ways of Glock are mysterious. Glock began with the 17, a duty-sized 9mm handgun with 17 round magazine capacity. That has led many to think Glock’s numbering scheme is related to the magazine capacity of its pistols. Rather, the Glock 17 was Glock’s 17th patent. While H&K actually produced a polymer framed production handgun, theVP-70 some decade before the Glock 17 (my article on the G17 is available here), That odd handgun was never intended for the mass market, and actually had a detachable shoulder stock that enabled three round burst–automatic–fire. It’s an interesting historical sidelight that Remington introduced the Nylon 66,  a .22LR rifle with a polymer receiver and stock, long before either H&K or Glock. However, Glock was the pioneer in marketing a workable, mass manufactured, polymer, striker-fired handgun.

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