Triggers – the literal, tangible, real type…

Glock NY triggers, used in NYPD service pistols are reported to be between 12.0# to 12.5#.

Survival Mindset

Lately, I have been hearing much about “triggers” and being “triggered.”   Once someone is “triggered” they can run to a college campus “safe space” to recover from the “triggering.”

Perhaps, with such tender hearts running about, I should offer a warning.  Heaven forbid, I inadvertantly “trigger” some snowflake’s little feelers, talking about triggers… on guns.  Boom!  There it is, the “G” word!

Here is a quick story, about triggers, that “triggered” me!

I was recently at a Cabela’s Store in Idaho.  My daughter and I were looking at sub compact pistols.  Maybe I am a trigger snob, Ok, I am… anyhow, I asked the guy working the counter what the trigger pull was on a Glock 43.  He said it was three and a half pounds.  The pistol I was holding, had a trigger that felt like 6-6.5 pounds, to me.  I explained to the lad, from the factory…

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