Self-Defence Mindset Fail

South Africans generally have a poor attitude towards self-defence. Those who can afford to prefer to outsource it to security companies, and place a heavy reliance on passive defences such as high walls, security gates, and alarm systems.

All of those things have their place, but none of them replace the individual’s ability (and responsibility) to actively defend themselves when their person comes under attack.

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One response to “Self-Defence Mindset Fail

  1. Not sure I agree with this one having a few S.African farming friends.
    Two in particular who knew how to take care of themselves but still got ‘hit’ when fencing.

    Both had pistols, the FN’s propped up against the fence posts stack as it’s damn hard to drive in a post when carrying a decent sized personal weapon in the other.

    Both drew and fired on attack, both downed scum, only it was 10 odd against two at a rush.

    They both escaped but not before one nearly lost his arm through a machete strike.
    My conclusion was that it’s ok to talk about firepower BUT the undergrowth and speed of attack prevented them achieving ‘distance is king’ and numbers will usually overwhealm anyone if they are attacked at the rush from close range.

    You could also argue that they had their FN Cals in hand the result may have been different. Again ,at close range, I believe a handgun is more agile than a long gun at targets approaching fast from all sides and close aboard.

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