The “Ugly Stick” reusable match

Patrick's Bushcraft & Outdoor Research

Taken from the owner’s youtube description:

Over the years, our family has developed a means for fire-starting that we feel is superior to all others. We call it the “Ugly Stick.”

It is essentially jute twine infused with wax. But, we enhance it further by putting it through three more processes to make it more waterproof, rugged, light weight and easy to store for use in the field and for emergencies.

We feel it is superior to all other ignition sources because this fire-starting method is absolutely reliable under extreme cold conditions and high altitudes…and it is waterproof.

One 12 cm [4.75”] “Ugly Stick” will light 30-37 times. It can be dunked in water and re-lit. A waterproof tube we provide contains 12 “Ugly Sticks.” The tube also floats.

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