Will Trump Roll Out the Big Guns on Second Amendment Issues? | California Magazine

Nope. Trump is another ZERO. If he really kept his oath to uphold the US Constitution, he would uphold ALL of, the constitution, namely 2A.

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Avowed Second Amendment enthusiast Donald Trump drew plenty of scorn and outrage recently when he signed a bill overturning an Obama era restriction on handgun sales to certain mentally disturbed citizens. But the action was significant more as a political statement than functional policy, says UC Berkeley Law Professor and Center for Studies in Criminal Justice Director Franklin Zimring, an authority on Second Amendment issues.

Source: Will Trump Roll Out the Big Guns on Second Amendment Issues? | California Magazine

The author of this article is DREAMING!  Look at the last paragraph and it’s CLEAR what the LEFT is trying to do to Guns and Gun Owners when in actuality its the opposite!  We continue to gain traction and they are wrong that it will follow Big Tobacco because look at the Legalization of Marijuana as an example!  All the smoking cessation and demonization of Tobacco has actually done NOTHING to…

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