What The Heck Am I Preparing For? (Part 5: Hurricane)

Many say that I could write a book on it. In fact, I was born during a hurricane. Have been through countless hurricanes and a great flood. Some people say that I am growing a 25 foot shark (“Hooper, put up another barrel!”).
Everything listed is worth knowing and having. What is YOUR comfort level? I tend to have little that I need. I know how to make primitive fire. But a fire steel and magnesium (USAF type quality/Doan) block, is nice. A knife. Two knives are better. A hammer. An eight inch waterpump pliers. Maybe some mechanic’s wire. I used to keep an old hubcap, because fire, burns better when off wet ground. A pair of leather driver work gloves, is always useful. A hat or cap. That is the stuff that I go through hurricanes with. My grandsons have been though a hurricane with me, and were a bit excited when they saw the waters surround the house. I let them carry the flashlights. They showed up to be in the hurricane with me and my wife. They were young boys when they arrived, and were a step closer to being men when they left.
Then again, I happen to love coastal storms and hurricanes. I must have a screw loose. (“That one? The Indianapolis.”)

The Armed Christian

Hurricanes are not as common along this part of the Gulf Coast as they can be in other areas (Florida) but on average we get a moderate to severe storm about every ten to fifteen years. Tropical storms are far more common and we may get several of those during a busy season. The last few years have been pretty quiet so we are about due. We are far enough inland and far enough above sea level that we really won’t need to evacuate. There have only been one or two storms in my lifetime that would have warranted “bugging out” and for the most part it’s probably safer to stay put.

During the first hurricane scare after my middle daughter and her husband were married he decided they needed to evacuate. They headed north east away from the path of the storm for about a day. Every time they…

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