Gun Theft in Maryland, Bust in Brooklyn Prove Criminals Bypass Gun Laws

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H/T Bearing Arms.

Extended or Enhanced background checks would not have stopped this criminal from getting a gun.

Gee, I guess guns aren’t easier to get than books, otherwise these criminals wouldn’t be breaking the law to get them.

In Rockville, MD, two thieves broke into the United Gun Shop early Thursday morning and were able to make off with 30 guns in just 90 seconds. Surveillance video from the store shows the bandits in black smashing the glass cases with crowbars and stuffing handguns into black cloth sacks before fleeing the scene.

The suspects, who entered before 4 a.m., made off with about 24 handguns and 6 long guns, officials in Montgomery County said.

“A lot of desperate people out there,” a locksmith said as he repaired the entrance.

Investigators believe the suspects left the scene in a light-colored, four-door sedan.

So gun theft is one way criminals get their hands…

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