What Did You Prep This Week?

“150 yards”. Nope. The .308/7.62mm variant, is a qualified round for 600 meter shooting, and I, did, qualify, at 600 meters with that cartridge. It was also used at 1000 meters and I heard some have used it for 1200 meters and 1500 meters. Within 150 yards, you will have very nice energy displacement on whitetail deer. If so, be certain that you are carrying a good sharp knife for field dressing. You will, be bringing home, meat.
Best of Luck, with your new purchase.

The Armed Christian

Walk With God

My walk with God is not as strong as it was last week but it is still going well. I was able to give back a little by helping a man in need a little north of here. He’s been through some seriously trying times over the last few years that have left his body weak but his faith is still strong. A local company re-roofed his home for free and we helped pull out some of the drywall and insulation that had been damaged by the years of water leaks. Another crew will be in later to replace it all. We also helped clean up his yard. Removing the years of built up leaves and trash that he had not been able to take care of himself. We were also able to catch up on some charitable donations that I had committed to but have fallen behind on.

My daily…

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