“Modernized” Undetectable Firearms Bill Would Outlaw Glocks, Many Rifles

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H/T AmmoLand.

Senator Bill Nelson(D-Fl) is a fear mongering fool.

There is no such animal as an undetectable firearm.

Even with this 3D plastic guns you need a barrel,trigger assembly,a magazine and bullets all of which are mental.

Senator Nelson from Florida has filed a restrictive bill that would stifle innovation and experimentation, without significantly impacting terrorists or criminals. Interestingly, a complete exemption would be included for the U.S. government and agencies. The bill is titled the “Undetectable Firearms Modernization Act of 2017“.

Nelson mis-characterizes the state of the art with this falsehood:

“Thanks to advances in technology, anyone with a 3-D printer can simply print a fully-functioning firearm that can be snuck through a metal detector without being noticed,” Nelson said. “These guns pose a real threat to our safety and we need to be doing everything we can to keep them off the streets and out of…

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