The Tactical Hunter Project (Part 3: Why Not An AK?)

I have never been a fan of the AK-47. Saw a couple of them over the years that were police recoveries, and I noticed that two, had cracks in the frame. No clue of how they cracked, but it always stuck with me. The AK-47, from what was throwing lead in my direction, were not exactly accurate fire instruments. I would opt for an AK-74 with synthetic stock, if I had to chose in the AK lineage. Why not just go with a Ruger Mini-14 chambered in 5.56 and synthetic stock [Model 5855]?

The Armed Christian

In the last installment I outlined my solution to the Tactical Hunter Project; an AR in 7.62×39. Some would ask, why not skip the challenges of an AR in this caliber and go with the tactical rifle designed around this cartridge, the AK?

Good question.

Nyet! AK is fine! Nyet! AK is fine!

First, one of the primary goals of this project was to be a do everything rifle. I needed to be able to use if for self-defense and hunting. I needed to be able to quickly and easily reconfigure it for each of these roles as well as the variations within each role. For self-defense I would want a red dot optic and a powerful white light. For hunting out of a blind I would need a magnified optic. At night I would need to attach a green light (green doesn’t seem to disturb the hogs nearly as much as a white light)…

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