What The Heck Am I Preparing For? (Part 4: Retirement)

The Armed Christian

Ok, so retirement is not really a disaster in and of itself…unless you are not prepared for it.

Social (in)Security

Most folks in the good old US of A don’t plan for retirement. After all, that’s what Social Security is for. They have been paying into it for all these years and expect it to be available. Unfortunately, that probably will not be the case. You see Social Security has pretty much always been a bit of a scam. Initially the plan would have supported those who paid into it, like a retirement savings plan. However, that didn’t help all those folks who had already retired so it was changed almost immediately so that those working today are paying for those who have already retired. That sort of a pyramid scheme worked great as long as the average life expectancy didn’t increase (it did) and each generation of workers was as…

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