Visiting “Gun Valley”: Springfield Armory National Historic Site

Gun Culture 2.0

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity on my recent visit to Amherst College to tour around “Gun Valley” (a.k.a., the Pioneer Valley) a bit. I had part of one afternoon and one morning, so I couldn’t see as much as I would have liked, but tried to hit the highlights. I began at the Springfield Armory National Historic Site.

One side of Armory Square

There is a self-guided walking tour of the grounds of the enormous site (a large part of which has been turned into Springfield Technical Community College), but because time was short and it was FREEZING (temps in the 20s) and windy outside (look at the flag in the picture below), I just explored the indoor part of the site.

The museum exhibits all fit on one floor of the building. To the right are exhibits about the evolution of the manufacturing process at Springfield Armory…

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