“The Social Life of Guns” Conference at Amherst College

Gun Culture 2.0

As my gun blogger friend John Richardson noted, I spent a couple of days this past weekend in Western Massachusetts, attending a conference associated with the Copeland Colloquium at Amherst College. Seven of us had been invited to write and present papers on “The Symbolic and Material Construction of Guns,” and we were joined by Copeland Colloquium fellows, Amherst College faculty, and a couple of members of the public.

Although advertised as a “conference,” what took place was more of a workshop on our various papers. Because the papers were circulated in advance to most attendees, we each took just 5 minutes to say something about our work and each paper also had one commentator who also had 5 minutes. This left most of the hour set aside for each paper for other attendees to offer further comments, questions, and criticisms. It was very productive in that way.


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