What Did You Prep This Week?

The Armed Christian

Walk With God

My walk with God has gone well this week. Bible study, prayer, Sunday school, church; I have been really focused on what is most important this week. I even managed an “inspirational” post this week based on a verse I read.

Self Defense/Hunting

Purchased .45 and .30 caliber collets for my bullet puller  I deconstructed a few .45 ACP rounds that I had made but weren’t usable for various reasons and recovered the bullets, powder and one piece of brass for reuse. I also did the same with a .30-30 round that I wasn’t happy with. This equipment will be especially useful when I am developing loads that don’t quite work out.


It looks like spring has come early to this part of Texas so it is time to get the garden started for the year. The local critters, squirrels or raccoons, made short work of our…

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