Pick-Axe Wielding Home Invader Wins Room Temperature Challenge

Give Me Liberty

H/T Bearing Arms.

Sedrick D. Jemison became a Darwin Award Winner.

Sedrick D. Jemison broke down three doors with a pick-axe at Elite Marine in Foley, Alabama, apparently unaware that the mutiple layers of security on-site were to protect stupid criminals from the armed owner, who lives on the property.

Authorities have confirmed that the individual killed on scene Tuesday night was an intruder in the home.

Foley Police say 20-year-old intruder Sedrick D. Jemison broke three doors with a pick-axe before entering the business, Elite Marine, in Foley.

The business owner, who also lives on the property, was awoken by a “loud crash” and retaliated with a gun. The intruder was shot dead. No arrests have been made.

The business owner is believed to be acting within his rights. The case will be sent to a grand jury.

“The male subject entered his bedroom, wearing a black bandanna on his…

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