Open-Carrying Couple Butt-Hurt Because They Didn’t Read The Fine Print

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H/T Bearing Arms.

The moral of this story is read the fine print and avoid being embarrassed along with butt hurt.

Costco did not violate their rights.

A pair of open carriers in Ohio are upset with Costco because they were asked to leave the store due to the chain’s anti-gun policies that they didn’t both to read and understand when they signed up as members.

A Greene county couple is coming to Fox 45 for answers after they said they were asked to leave Costco because they were open carrying their guns.

Courtney Mason and her boyfriend Mitchell Register said they both have CCW licenses and never carry in stores that have posted signs that say no guns allowed, but they said Costco had no signs and violated their rights by asking them to leave.

“Some people are saying why would you even need a gun in Costco…

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