3 Days


Our just-in-time delivery of everything is very dangerous.  Grocers only have about 3 days of food on hand, and if that supply is disrupted, you will see food riots on an unprecedented scale.  Preppers always talk abut the ‘three B’s’ of Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids.  A year or so ago I added a 4th ‘B’ and recommended batteries.  Particularly rechargeables with a solar charger.

But the sudden loss of available, affordable food is the most likely to create civil unrest.  If you can raise your own and preserve it (canning, dehydrating) you are way ahead of most of ‘Murica.  And remember, it takes at least 3 years to get a decent garden going.  If you look at the survival food hawkers, you will see exorbitant prices.  But you can buy bags of beans and rice along with some seasonings for a few dollars, just a little at a time, every…

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