5 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Suppressors

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Many people have misconceptions about silencers/suppressors they have been mislead by HollyWeird.

Then you have the loony left saying silencers/suppressors they claim gang bangers will use them.

That is a crock of crap as the bangers want to be able to hide their gun and a silencer/suppressor makes that very difficult to do. 

There is an old joke that the “official NRA handshake” is a person saying “What?” as he or she cups a hand behind one ear.

I never liked this joke, as it makes light of a serious issue. Decades ago many gun owners didn’t think it was a big deal that they didn’t wear earplugs or muffs when hunting and at the range. Many shooters who grew up in that culture now have hearing loss or problems with tinnitus (ringing in their ears). Massive public education—much of it from the NRA—taught us about the…

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3 responses to “5 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Suppressors

  1. Silencers, suppressors?
    We use the term moderators because what’s what they do, moderate the sound level, never eliminate it.

    Thing I’ve always loved about them is the secondary effect of suppressing the muzzle flash.

    People (and occasionally animals) instinctively turn to face a report but without that flash it’s not enough to pinpoint you.
    That’s kinda useful in terms of survival, or combat.


    • Never used one,but wondered. In fact, I had a bolt action Ruger M77R (type-I) with a recoil arrestor that I had installed when the rifle was accurized, and the rifle became an “assault rifle” under New York State’s SAFE Act 2012, a complete and total farce. I divested of the rifle at a gun shop, rather than get involved with bureaucratic ignorance and stupidity. Rifle was 0.25 MOA.

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      • I weep for your loss.
        You can replace anything except a good rifle, and maybe a good woman 😉

        I use a moderator the whole time in urban locations when pest controling. The police who know me like that as it cuts down on spurious calls. In combat the inconvenience of the extra length is minimal compared to the gain.

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