What The Heck Am I Preparing For? (Part 3: Death)

The Armed Christian

“Wait? What? I thought the point of being prepared was to avoid death!”


The one disaster that is guaranteed to happen to each and every one of us is that we will die…as will our loved ones.

Yes, that is depressing…but it is a cold, hard fact and since the probability of death is 100% I am planning and preparing for it. In fact, I am preparing for it in three different ways. First, I want to ensure that my passing will be as little of a burden, financially and logistically, on those I leave behind as possible. Second, I want to make sure that I “get right” with all the people around me. Finally, I want to make sure I am “right” with God.

1 – Finances and Logistics

I want to make sure that those I leave behind are able to focus on each other and not on funeral arrangements…

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