Remington Recalls Yet Another Batch of Rifles With Faulty Triggers

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We need to spread the word about this new recall.


Just when you think you’ve seen the last of Remington’s recalls, they surprise ya.

After decades of denial and quietly settling lawsuits resulting from faulty “Walker” triggers on their Model 700 rifles, Remington finally caved to immense pressure placed upon them by the father of child victim Gus Barber and began using a different sort of trigger on their Model 700 and Model Seven bolt-action rifles: The X-Mark Pro, or XMP.

And now they’re recalling many of THOSE rifles because they may have “excess bonding agent used in the assembly process, which could cause an unintentional discharge.”

Here’s what they have to say about the recall:


STOP USING YOUR RIFLE. Any unintended discharge has the potential for causing injury or death. Immediately stop using your

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