How to make a Tipi / Teepee Tarp Tent Shelter

Patrick's Bushcraft -A Nomadic Journey

I show you how to make a low profile, larger square footage based tipi or teepee tarp tent shelter from a 12 x 16′ tarp.

You can use other sized tarps to make the tipi bigger or smaller, but try to keep the aspect ratio the same…

The old traditional method of making a tipi requires several poles to go around the perimeter and very much time to gather the materials and build the structure. With this method only one center pole is required, which can easily be found while out camping in the woods.

This also provides for a compact and lightweight tarp kit that I can easily carry around with me in the woods, deserts and mountains and I did this relatively cheap.

There is a sacrifice in height using this technique, but the added square footage at the base far advances the taller structure in my humble…

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