Two 1911s at the Range: Les Baer Premier II and Dan Wesson Specialist

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1911s are a curious thing.  As a design over 100 years old, they should be obsolete relics fit only for museum cases and antique shops.  Think of most machines or advanced technologies from this timeframe… many are no longer in use.  However, in the case of the 1911, one could easily argue they are more popular, in wider civilian use, and more prevalent in terms of manufacturers than any other time since their creation.  The 1911 was the longest standing issue sidearm in American military history, spanning a timeframe over 70 years that saw two World Wars, wars in Korea and Vietnam, and several other smaller but equally notable military actions.  Some could even argue the fact that since they are still in use with some units this timeframe continues to run.  While correct, the 1911 ceased being the standard issue sidearm in the 1980’s when the Beretta 92 was adopted.

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