Not a jewelry person.  I don’t even wear my wedding ring anymore (she doesn’t mind, she knows I know I’m married).  Too much chance of injury.  No earrings, no piercings.  I don’t even have any tattoos.  A pretty plain, vanilla, boring guy.  I do however wear a necklace.  While I would never want to bring a knife to a gunfight as my primary weapon, I always want to have a blade for a backup.  Or maybe 2 blades.  Actually, I normally carry 3 blades on a daily basis.  Whether I’m in a suit, jeans, or tactical pants, I have 3 knives on me. 

I had to do some thinking about this one.  I really like a big knife.  A long blade increases my chance of cutting my enemy without getting cut in return.  One must always expect to get cut in a knife fight, but that doesn’t mean you need…

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